Varanasi City

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For ages, India has aroused high interest and curiosity among international travelers. India caters to the spiritual needs and interests of all kinds of travelers. Be it the natural beaucty, history, culture, religion, philosophy, spiritualism or mysticism, every aspect of India has caught the imagination of people. We present India in a way that is absolutely unique, exquisite and full of adventure and joy. Our mission is to help travelers explore the beauty and depth of Indian culture, history, nature and pilgrimage places like Varanasi. Varanasi is the oldest surviving city of the world and is known for its knowledge, spiritualism and mysticism. Besides travel and tourism information on Varanasi, we have also come up with some Varanasi centered travel packages to help you explore Varanasi/Kashi in a better way.

We, as a proactive tour operator in India, have made an attempt to showcase the best of the holy city of Varanasi for the travelers. In this Varanasi city guide, we bring to you the main pilgrimage points in Varanasi, information about the famous Ghats of Ganga, history and glorious culture of the city, shopping attractions and arts and crafts of the region. Besides, we have also covered the prime attractions and excursions around Varanasi, along with general guidelines for the tourists. As Varanasi has been a great center of Indian culture and heritage; music, dance, drama, fairs and festivals have been an integral part of the social and cultural ethos of the holy city. You can have a glimpse of the major fairs and festivals of Varanasi along with valuable information on the weather and climate of Varanasi. One of the oldest towns of India, Varanasi is home to the Benaras Hindu University, Asia's biggest University and is a seat of religious and spiritual learning for centuries. Come and explore the eternal city with us!