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Varanasi : Eateries in Varanasi

Eateries in Varanasi

Snacks Seller in Varanasi
Just like its rich culture and lifestyle, Varanasi is equally famous for its rich variety of foods and cuisines. The sumptuous and delicious but tangy and spicy North Indian food and snacks are the best options to try at Varanasi. However, one can get good Chinese, Italian, Continental and South-Indian food too. There are good number of Byzantine eateries and restaurants in the cities where one can explore for the food that suits one's tastes. The wide variety of mouth-watering sweets and 'chatpate' snacks are just not to be missed.

There is 'paapri-chaat', which plays with your taste buds with its tangy and spicy flavor of ginger and tamarind chutney and the cooling and soothing yoghurt. While talking about the specialties of Benarasi flavors, who can ever forget the sour and sweet 'Langda aam', a variety of mango available in summers and the fragrant 'Benarasi paan' that is often added with aromatic essences such as that of rose and 'supari' (areca-nut) along with other goodies. Chewing this 'paan' seems to be a part of the cultural identity of the people of Varanasi. One can find some good Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Continental, Mexican, Greek and vegetarian South-Indian cuisine and snacks and sweets offers to eat to your fill in the old city or Godaulia, Cantonment area and near Railway Station or Lahurabir area.